(Originally published Feb 4, 2014.)

Lately I’ve been running up against a wall of I-don’t-knows.

I feel like I don’t know what I need to do to move my life forward; I feel like I don’t know how I can grow the business we’ve started. There are all these things I’ve started but no longer sure how they’re helping anymore, if at all.

Ever been there?

It’s frustrating, and makes me want to run away, right from the moment I start my morning. If you’re like me you’ll probably feel like “checking” Facebook/your website/your e-mail or just read the many browser tabs you have open.

But all that is a sign that our brains are craving for something familiar, and they do that for one simple reason – those things are easy and automatic, so we don’t have to spend much energy doing them.

It’s the way we manage to survive the hundreds of choices we need to make each day; but it’s not the way we grow.

We all know that what we really need is to work on the things that will move us towards where we really want to be.

Like choosing to sit down and write 200 words every morning; like creating something that will provide value for others; like reaching out to someone that might be a potential customer; like committing to a 20 minutes of exercise every morning.

And it’s here, in the situations where things feel cumbersome and slow, that the magic happens.

It happens when we feel like we’re putting a shitload of effort but don’t seem to be getting any immediate returns, and we feel like we’re going nowhere.

But if we stay focused in moments like these we train our minds to do something more, and that’s where we get magic – we become better, faster, stronger. We become more powerful today than we were yesterday.

Facing the I-don’t-knows are part that. They happen the most after we’ve decided to make the choice that moves us forward.

It tells us that we’re facing the unfamiliar, and shows us where we need to be in order to grow.

Today I chose to write this, not knowing what to write about, not knowing what you, or I, am going to get out of it. But I can already feel the change happening.

So what are you going to do today that’s unfamiliar, that’s going to bring you some magic?