(A reminder to myself)

I have the power and choice to live life the way I want to.
To live by my own rules, and not by anyone else’s.
To do what I choose, and not do what I don’t.
To live at my own pace, as fast or slow as I want.
To enjoy what I like.
To love what I love.
To be with who I want to be with.
To says “yes”, to say “no”.
To avoid what I’m not ready for.
To be who I choose to be.
To be who I am.
To choose the difficult path, or the easy one.
To slack off, to work extra hard.
To push myself, or to let things slide.

BUT… to do that I must take full responsibility for my life and all my choices.
For all the consequences of my actions.
For my reactions.
For my mistakes.
For my work.
For my words.
For my successes, for my failures.
For my situation.
For my body.
For my thoughts and emotions.
For bringing joy, or sadness, to the world.
For my growth.
For my progress, or lack of it.

There is no power or freedom without responsibility.