Here’s the secret to getting things done: stop fucking around and do it.

We all waste a lot of time. Running here and there, doing small little tasks that mean little in the big picture.

Eventually the things that really matter look like this: sitting down, facing a blank screen, and hammering a piece of writing out.

Don’t believe me? Just try it.

The act of creation is what we want to engage in for as much of our day as possible. It is the act that bears the most fruit, produces the most value, and brings the most joy in our lives. Ever take a class in art or sculpting or dancing and felt absolutely reinvigorated after that? That’s creation at work.

This act of standing in from of the nothingness — blank page, the empty space, the silence — and then using nothing else but the powers of our imagination and relentless action to fill that nothingness with substance; now that, my friends, is the reason to live.

We know it in our bones, and we feel it when we don’t do it.

We know it when we feel that pang of guilt that shoots through our hearts as we click just one more link before we get back to work.

We know it when we are reading something we should at a time of the day when we promised ourselves we would do something else.

But we make mistakes. Goodness knows I did. It is almost 4 in the afternoon now, and I am just writing this. When did I promise myself to get it done? At 8 in the morning, first thing after my morning ritual. That’s a lot of time wasting.

Granted, a lot of it may not be considered pure time-wasting, but so much of what we do isn’t really the most important thing we need to be doing.

And so for that moment, we let our priorities go, and because we do, our minds become accustomed to it. It makes the next time easier, and the next time after that even easier, until we just feel like absolute shit about ourselves because we now think we are the kind of person who never does what’s important to them — what truly, deeply, hand-on-heart, I’ll-regret—it-at-my-deathbed-if-I-don’t-do-it important.

But it can all change. All it takes is one moment, one decision.

Screw the fact that you’re already late. Nothing in the universe can change that. Let it go.

Then decide from now that it will be different. Do it now. Fuck everything else.

After you’re done, set up a system that’s going to make sure that the future you, who is weak and sneaky and excuse-ridden and tired and whatever else, is not going to fuck it up.

Simple innit?

So do it. Go do what you were going to do. Finish it, and rejoice in its completion, then go on to the next things.

Because the more you create, the more you follow-through with what you decide to do, the more powerful you realise you really are, and the more powerful you become.

Do it now.