A TED Talk A Day, Day 18: A very concise talk in terms of points, but Ingrid Vanderveldt has a great energy and enthusiasm for stories that communicates how important these are to her.

  1. The “art” part is required to make impossible possible.
  2.  We have to understand and believe in the power of our possibility. When she was young and had learning difficulties, the school she was in called her “retarded”, but her parents believed in her and fought for her potential. Eventually, they found out that she was facing issues because she had hearing difficulties.
  3. We have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When setting up her first company she was constantly trying to figure how she could break through with a workable idea, and this went on for months.
  4. Everything takes time. It is what creates the need for belief, and the need to be comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Suggested action steps: I will keep believing in what I am doing, and get used to the discomfort that comes with it.