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Speaking the truth

Not everyone who speaks confidently knows what he is talking about.

Not everyone who knows what he is talking about knows the truth.

Not everyone who knows the truth lives it.

Motivating People Into Action by Asad Rezzvi at TEDxKarachi 2010

A TED Talk A Day, Day 55: I picked this talk up because Anthony Robbins mention Asad Rezzvi in his TED Talk years earlier (and was also featured in Robbin’s seminar recording relating to 9/11).

He was one of a few muslims during a seminar that was held just after 9/11, and stood up to speak about how he could feel where the terrorists were coming from, and was later part of an on-stage “indirect negotiation” that helped him and another member of the audience move resolve their personal dilemmas around the event.

  1. People often ask him if he said what he did in the video, and he says he did. He was tempted to speaks words that were politically correct, but instead he chose to speak his mind.
  2. We can’t keep quiet when we have to speak, because otherwise everything we are and we believe in is a lie. It is the way of the coward to shut up when we are supposed to get up and speak.
  3. Because he spoke from a place of truth, when he went on his own personal change journey in the next few hours, people followed along with him, because they also felt it in their hearts.
  4. In the end the larger truth was about human beings and about our capacity to make a difference.
  5. To do this we have to be absolutely authentic. Put aside all roles and facades. Step into the real you.
  6. To do this we have to be present. Breathe into what we do. Stop rushing and thinking next. Be 100% in the moment of your action. Be in your body, not your head.
  7. To do this we need fearless action. We have to be bold and courageous.
  8. These 3 things make the 1 degree of difference that separates an ordinary person from a great person.
  9. We have all had moments where we are present, authentic, and courageous; but we need to live this every day of our lives.

Suggested action step: I will be authentic, present and courageous in action.

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