A TED Talk A Day, Day 7: The amazing thing about this talk is actually how simple it all is. When thinking about “travelling the world”, we often get caught up in the logistics and worries. But in the end, it’s actually not a complex thing to do; we simply have to decide whether we want to do it or not.

Like he mentions in the conclusion though, it might not be for everyone, and so the best way to decide if it is something we will do is to see if it’s something we will regret not having tried.

  1. You don’t have to be brave to travel. You just have to have that tiny bit of courage to take the leap.
  2. You don’t have to be rich to travel. It can be cheaper than staying in your home country.
  3. There are 3 basic costs of travel: transportation, accommodation, food and other expenses. The aim is to minimise these.
  4. To save on transportation, you can hitchhike, or walk, or cycle, or work in exchange for transportation.
  5. To save on accommodation, you can couchsurf. It also gives you another perspective of the destination. In big cities, you can also sleep in parks. You can also volunteer in exchange for accommodation.
  6. To save on food, you can buy from supermarkets, cook with your couchsurfing hosts, and even dumpster dive for good food that gets thrown out.
  7. You can earn money along the way. You can busk. The most important thing is to have a story. You can also write, a blog, or a book, etc. You can also look for odd jobs.
  8. Lesson from his 5-year trip:
    1. He learned not to trust media and their horror stories.
    2. We should preserve our earth.
    3. He learned to tear down his prejudices.
    4. No matter how we want to point out difference between people, we are actually the same.
    5. Also don’t trust the horror stories that people tell you.
  9. People sometimes worry what will be there for them when they are back. Very likely, they will be like stars.
  10. They also have 3 choices after the trip: go back to stable life (but it might be slightly boring); continue to travel and live intensely (but miss having a permanent home); or balance between the two. The latter can be staying in one place, but trying to do things as intensely — trying new things, talking to strangers, writing a book, etc.

Suggested action step: I will couchsurf and/or do be open to doing new things on my next trip.