Like most people, I get my fair share of ideas. Not necessarily huge ones; sometimes just small notions of things I’d like to try out to see where they go. Possibilities.

But too often they go unheeded. They might stick in my mind for weeks, maybe even get on my task list… But never actually get explored.

To have these possibilities just float off always seems like a waste to me, and it makes me feel like a procrastinator too.

So for the next 14 days I’m going to just try out the ideas I get. I’m keeping this to two weeks because I’m not quite sure what the outcome will be.

Here are some criteria/rules:

  1. Focus on the ideas that “come back to me” at least once (i.e. I didn’t think about it then drop it forever). Ideas are aplenty, but pursuing all of them could impractical. Plus I want to focus on the ones I seem to be fearful of. It’s probably my intuition telling me something.
  2. Execute on the same day, with actions that take less than 30 minutes. If it needs more work, take more time from the next few days to do it. I’m experimenting more with starting momentum here, and trust that the rest will take care of itself, meaning I will know how much further I want to pursue the idea. So I’m focusing on the first step.

Better to keep it simple, so that’s all! I’ll keep a running list of items below.

 Pursuing Ideas Journal

Day 1

Clear a backlog of ideas in my head.

  1. Set up a Facebook Page for a community I’ve been wanting to start. I’d prefer a FB group, but I found out I need to invite someone else to start one, and I don’t have anyone to invite! Yet.
  2. Set up a YouTube Channel.
  3. Posted a slightly personal blog entry I might have usually kept to myself.


Not a particularly prolific in terms of chasing ideas day, mainly because I nothing seemed to obviously pop up.

  1. Bought Screenium. Have been eyeing it for a while.


Surprisingly boring day. Didn’t have any ideas I felt compelled to pursue. Strange.


I haven’t been updating this at all, mainly because I quickly realised that following my ideas is in effect trusting my intuition instead of hesitating and questioning it

Once I opened that door, the first effect was for me to trust the smaller instincts I had about what to do on a day-to-day level; and the second was for me to begin pursuing larger tasks that I’ve been hesitating on and worrying about for a long time. At the moment that’s centred around my desire to start an online business. I will continue to be on the lookout for ideas to jump onto