Recently I’ve been wondering if I’ve been trying to fight myself too much.

I get into trying to do the right thing, into “overcome myself” and my own “resistance”, and trying to “push my own comfort zone”. Sometimes it’s sounds like I’m trying to be anything but myself.

I’m all for pushing comfort zones and it’s often an amazing way to grow.

But there are times when thinking of ourselves as the enemy feels decidedly counter-productive. It’s an unnecessary use of mental energy because our minds will fight back, simply because there is someone pushing us.

Wanting to change for the better isn’t the same thing as fighting against who we are now, even though sometimes it feels like it is.

What if instead of fighting against ourselves, we fight for what we value and fight alongside who we are now, like comrades-in-arms?

We can then be our own champion and partner in crime as we try new (and sometimes challenging) things.